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Artist Bio

All About Sufficient.enough

Born in 1999, Max, aka Sufficient.enough, grew up living on a hundred-acre peach orchard in Palisade, Colorado.  Max earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Arts (cum laude) in May 2023 from Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, Colorado.  Max pours himself into his art.  He specializes primarily in three mediums: painting, drawing, and printmaking, and he channels his thoughts, emotions, and everyday fears through these mediums into his art.  Although his artwork and technique do not fit neatly into a specific style, Max creates mainly from emotionalism and surrealism.  Artists like Zdzisław Beksiński, Francis Bacon, Edward Hopper, Banksy, Dariusz Zawadzki, and Francisco Goya inspire Max.  He continues to push himself forward by continually trying new techniques, styles, and mediums.  Max claims that “Giving myself other avenues to keep my creative juices flowing is the key to keeping my fear at bay.” 

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